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I mean the IA is supposed to a discreet and loyal agent of the Empire yet we're given Kaliyo who hates authority and wants nothing more than random casual violence.
Huh. I, on the contrary, think that giving every class some companions that don't really fit in is a good idea. I mean, what fun would it be if we only had loyal people who agree with our major goals on the crew? Giving us someone who se opinion isn't similar to PC's also provides some sort of conflict, something to think about. Anarchistic Kaliyo for the loyal servant of the Empire. Easy-going Vette for a brutal sith warrior. Gloomy Akaavi for a smuggler, who is all about fun and jokes. Weasel Doc for a strict jedi knight, etc.
But, of course, it should also be logical. Not like "Hi, I'm Skadge, I'm a complete jerk going to steal your ship, so take me along!".