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I have a 50 Sith Warrior (tank) and 50 Sorc (healer). Wanted to see the Trooper storyline and rolled one up.

Playstyle is casual, 80% solo PvE and 20% PvP/flashpoints.

It seems that Assault is the tree of choice, with Tactics second. Is the shield/tank tree that bad for levelling?

Any help welcome and thanks.
Having finally gotten around to pushing 50 on my vanguard I had tried all three trees while leveling, all with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Tank: still decent aoe damage, bit very lukewarm single target damage. Also doesn't tend to see a lot of great itemization while leveling (quest reward tank garb is all too often defense heavy). With elara you'll be quite beastly but it'll be a slow slog anytime you aren't dropping aoe.

Assault: like most I spent the bulk of my leveling time in this spec. The burst is incredible and tends to benefit right away from low-tier talents. Only downside is that this is far and away the squishiest vanguard tree, and I dare say despite heavy armor can feel like one of the squishiest dps specs period. Goes decent with a tanking companion as you can keep tanno or forex alive longer by taunt swapping, seemed more effective then just running with a healeras the added bit of damage helped mow through mobs.

Tactics: best versatility by far but at a tradeoff of being great at no one particular thing. In dps spec you feel less squishy then assault, with the added benefit of being able to run ion cell without losing the throughput of most of the tree. The added boost to pulse cannon is nice, but there's already so much aoe at your disposal that for leveling it doesn't see max potential.

That said, for leveling you get a.feel for tankiness without the dismal damage output of shieldspec if you run a tweaked version of the old iron fist spec that's an ion-cell tactics hybrid
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