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Nobody that's doing these HM FP's for black hole comms wants to be stuck with someone that wants to listen to the story or pull every boss when you can skip them.
YOU buddy(I don't call you sir because you clearly aren't worth the title) are utterly wrong with your assumptions There are quite many people around who actually like the voiced conversations and like to see how their character, in which's creation some people have spent quite much time, talks and interacts with the world, even though some of them just do the HM FPs for comms! I have a char who cannot get any gear upgrades from HM FPs but I still do 1-2 of them on daily basis and I'm more than okey to watch conversations, kill all bosses and most of the thrash too, even on Black Talon/Esseles. I also have many people on my friends-list who like the same, although I have even more people like YOU on my ignore-list...
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