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I am A'shrak of Clan Epsis, and I am here to announce that on the 26th of January, at 8pm server time, Clan Epsis will be sponsoring a Tournament to be held on Nar Shadda at the Promenade. This Tournament will be open to all players level 30 and up, with tiers being used to separate players so that we don't have a level 30 player going up against a level 50 player...unless they really want to, that is.

The winners of each level tier will be given the choice of an item or credits, with lesser prizes for second and third runners up.

As I said before, this Tournament is open to ALL players, Republic and Empire alike. However, please keep in mind that unsportsmanlike conduct will result in a warning before ejection from the Tournament.

There will be a buy in that is scaled to the player tiers: 30,000 credits for the level 30 bracket, 40,000 credits for the level 40 bracket, and 50,000 credits for the level 50 bracket.

Also, for those who are interested in a favorite Mandalorian past time, there will be bare-knuckle brawling held during intermissions.

The primary fights will be used to determine the best fighters of those classes, with multiple rounds possibly being used to find the best in class. From there, the winners of those classes will advance to the semi-finals, where the winners will be pitted against randomly drawn opponents. Judges will be used to make sure that fights are fair and proceed smoothly. We're looking for jatnese be te jatnese, the best of the best.

This is primarily a PvP event, however RP is encouraged but not required. For more information and to sign up, please contact me through in-game mail with the character name, level, and class.

Example: A'shrak, Level 50, Sniper.

Remember, as the Mandalorians say: Verd ori'shya beskar'gam. (A warrior is more than his armor.)
A'shrak - The Original Mandalorian Sniper