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I THINK its based on how close the valor bar is to hitting the next lvl and not the lvl itself, and in lowbie if your valor is equal to your lvl it will obviously be at a cap and you'll be ops leader a lot. But, if two ppl are at this cap I think it goes to whoever is a higher lvl.

Meh, not like it matters anyway. Not like other ppl on the team aren't allowed to try and organize anything because they're not ops leader. And hell , half the time nobody listens to the plans ppl suggest anyway especially in lowbie pugs.
I've actually heard about that method of determining leader just annoyed me, considering these guys had no idea what to do. I just so happened to get thrown into a game with a ton of low levels, who all seemed to think the Ops Leader was some sort of god-like player and just followed him around the whole time. I dont think I've ever lost 500-0 on the Civil war before...