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First off thank you kindly to all those who competed, spectated and organized the AC Duels thus far. It went as good as it could of and it showed us how much support there was for the event.

The Winners of the following AC Tournaments were as follows:

Competed: Ulac – Woofi – Carthy – Cilros – Vortold.
1st place Woofi - Seraphic Nexus
2nd place Carthy - RtS

Competed: Etched – Sinfonia – Heala – Aashaera – Atton – Beunos – Pedigree.
1st place Pedigree - Notorius Synergy
2nd place Atton - Samurai Pizza Cats

Competed: Myson, Keiga, Andynul, Tough’mudder, Lucas.
1st place Myson - Prophets of Agony
2nd place Keiga - A little bit Gimp

Competed: Gibbin, Saedus, Nuisance, Silent, Selianne, Xarxes, Shiro, Livette’decora, Mooks, Remus.
1st Nuisance - Prophets of Agony
2nd Shiro - Mind Walkers

Marauders / Sentinels
Competed: Coming soon.
1st - Angelol - A little bit gimp
2nd - Seraphielz - An Ewok ate my baby

Snipers / Gunslingers
Competed: Coming soon.
1st - Zevren - The Immortals
2nd - Cathleen - Notorious Synergy

Competed: Daffydil, Darkclaw, Sinc, Khadijah.
1st Sinc - Rts
2nd Daffydil - Rts

Competed: Whisps, Veronika, Downfall, Illidous, Zanishiri, Aethya.
1st Veronika - Seraphic Nexus
2nd Whisps - Seraphic Nexus

Grand Tournament:
Competed:Woofi, Carthy, Pedigree, Nuisance, Shiro, Angelol, Seraphielz, Zevren, Cathleen, Sinc, Daffydil, Veronika, Whisps.
Missing: Atton, Myson and Keiga.
1st Nuisance - The Prophets of Agony
2nd Pedigree - Notorius Synergy
3rd Woofi - Seraphic Nexus

Congratulations to those winners your winnings have just been sent to you via in-game mail.