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so much whining...people don't do hardmodes to spend their entire night wiping or wasting time...hit the spacebar, do your job, and finish it as soon as possible...if you are there to sniff flowers, look at double rainbows, and take a nap in the grass then I suggest you go play hello kitty island adventure.
No one is sniffing flowers...everyone will usually try to accomodate if the party wants to finish the run quick and smooth, but no one wanted to wait for the OP and that is just sloppy as hell. The best way to get through it quickest way possible is to at least try and make sure everyone is keeping to one pace instead running off and doing you're own thing which kills a group faster than anything. Otherwise, you have to wait the queue to pop again if you vote kick or disband.

That is how group finder works, sometimes you get people of varying skill levels and gear.