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Quote: Originally Posted by Mozivicus View Post
Artifice is THE worst choice for a trooper. Absolutely NO synergy with the trooper's companions.
While it might have little synergy with the Trooper and their companion during leveling, you apparently missed reading this part of OP...
Quote: Originally Posted by Original Poster
However, on my newly made Commando (Speccing into Combat Medic, if that makes any difference at all) I've decided to take a different route. I think Armormech or Cybertech would be my best bet, looking towards endgame crafting in particular.
In which case, the previous suggestion of taking up Artifice is pretty sound advice. Already having a Biochem and Cybertech pretty much leaves Artifice as the last End Game crafting option of any worth. And, once at 400, combined with the other toons, can craft anything needed except barrels for any and all custom gear and the last equipment spot not covered by biochem (the earpiece). So with artifice the OP would gain end game crafting capabilities worth a damn and worth some credits, and cover the last base to pretty much gear up any character present or future almost completely.