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this was the only part of the Warrior storyline I disliked.

I treat my companions very well. They never want for anything, ever. They get all they could want. All I ask from them is loyality (and kisses from Jaesa...tmi?) Quinn betrayed that loyality. He had choices. He could have said something to me, he could have refused. He knew we were undermining Baras, that eventually we would fight each other and one of us would die (Baras and I). Instead of remaining loyal to me, he tries to kill me. I do hold my companions to a higher standard and give them more leeway. I accept they have differing opinions of light side and dark side choices and which should be made. Quinn took my trust, took my faith in him and used it against me. He committed the ultimate sin. For that we should be given the option to kill him. I wouldn't be happy about it, but......some things need to be done.
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