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The goal has always been that... the goal.. Power.. the Dark Side of the Force...

That's the key... the -Dark- side of the Force.

It is impossible really to relate these emotional states to real life examples... Of course anger can make you sloppy. Of course fear can make you sloppy. Being completely apathetic can make you sloppy too. Trusting everyone can make you sloppy. ANYTHING can be done to a degree that causes failure, we could spend all day thinking about that.

But we're not -really- talking about emotions. We're talking about the Force. What's interesting about the Force is, as real life beings, there is no possible way that we can imagine or relate to it. Sure we can dream of telekinesis or whatever, but if you read between the lines or take a viewpoint away from Ego, you see a much powerful mechanic at work.

It's like a drug addiction. You are rewarded for lashing out in anger by this dose of power. Others have compared it to adrenaline. As your emotions get more complex you get more complex rewards. You -want- to survive off of this, just like any other drug addiction, so you become -good- at whatever it is that you need to do to create those feelings.

Bad Sith lash out irresponsibly, get exploited and killed, even by their own people. That's how the game works. Good Sith force those emotions to work for them.

Bad Jedi lash out in anger, not knowing how to control it, and get killed, even by their own people. That's how the game works. Good Jedi focus on their passive feelings or basket weaving and coax those feelings to work for them.

The Force is an individual thing.