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Honestly OP,I'm with you. Some people in this game are just wanting to rush through everything and expect everything to be done at lightning pace. To the posters who give you the "I've been playing since Beta,I'm bored of the FP's" stuff,I've been playing since Beta,and still like to clear everything and have no problem waiting,even wiping if it helps a person fresh to 50 experience the full game,wipes and all,like all of us TOR veterans had the chance to.

It's not inconsiderate of you to not know the flashpoint,or to now know their going to skip mobs which really IMO should not be done,but that's another complaint :P. You simply didn't know,not your fault. We as long term players should be doing our utmost to help new people as one day these could be the guys healing us in a raid,or helping in pvp. So sod the rude people,and just try and crack on,their are good players out there who understand not everyone has played since day one. And to the people saying it's a waste of time killing trash etc,lets face it,most of our time is stood on fleet waiting for nothing in particular to happen until raid time.
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