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01.04.2013 , 08:24 PM | #33
If you're going to give annihilation the ability to not be cleansed- Madness needs the same.

Madness needs dot protection- the dots need to actually hit hard too. I'd suggest while creeping terror is active- if you purge it, caster and debuffed player take 3k damage (5k on crit) and are stunned through resolve for 3 seconds. Suddenly- pure builds would be decent. Or- make it actually creep- if you purge it it doesn't do any extra damage/stun right there- but it recasts creeping terror on the target, the purger, and anyone within 8m of either- root and all. Suddenly, again- pure builds are decent, and purging isn't a simple way to utterly kill a madness sorc's damage output.

Crushing darkness should be internal damage, not kinetic.

Whirlwind in Madness shouldn't break on dot damage.

Crushing's cooldown should be reset whenever wrath procs- and crushing should stack up to 3 times so a sorc can put out burst.