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Oh and I wish forum names revealed peeps ingame names so I could addignore the elitist pr*cks in this thread lol. Looks to me like game is very srs bsns for them.......
Me too. So I could ignore all the entitled care bears who think their preferred style of play is somehow better or more important than the people there for the 40th time.

The game system permits speed runs and skipping. It also permits watching every CS, clearing every mob, and killing every boss. BioWare has made no explicit comment about a "right" way to play, so majority rules. If you don't like the majority rule, leave. I do.

I will help any newbie who EXPLICITLY STATES THEIR NEWNESS AT THE START. We were all new once and there is nothing wrong with that. If they are hopelessly incompetent, there are limits to my patience, but it takes a lot of derp to reach those limits.

I will vote kick any scrub who doesn't and slows down a crappy HM FP with their incompetence. They are inconveniencing three other people, and that's simply not fair to the group. If they didn't feel it was basic decency to alert the group to their inexperience, I don't think it's basic decency to keep them around.

I will vote kick anyone who watches CSs in hard modes, especially if they make some banal comment about it. If everyone wants to watch them I will leave. I don't want to waste my time, and someone else with more interest in CSs or more time available to them is more than welcome to my spot. If I happen to be a tank or healer and there's no fast replacement, it's not my fault that more people don't choose to fill that role.

Being sensitive to the value of others' time should prompt skipping (of trash, trash bosses, and CSs) to be everyone's default position in group finder. If you want to do things the slow way, use general chat to build a group (since 75% of eligible players are on the Fleet in any case, and the ones elsewhere are probably more inteested in doing something else) and then flag when you have 4. You're guaranteed not to have complaints about the time it takes or fighting non-essential enemies.
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