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Disclaimer* I have both a Smuggler healer and a Sorc. Both are extremely strong in PVP if played well, however, the sorc is forced into a hybrid bubble blind spec. (We all know it will be nerfed and the team support it provides will be removed and so will a healing sorcs spot on a rated warzone team. ((Of course, this is all pending and based off a dev post which stated that they are toying with the bubble blind to be applied to the caster only.... instead of just fixing the resolve the blind provides: which is the real issue)).

A full heal spec'd (Aoe Puddle) sorc provides no team support and a severe lack of mobility (easily focused since the root break on sprint is easily countered). << These two issues right here and the severe lack of a defensive CD have been repeated in the Class Feedback thread for Sorcs since that thread was created. ALSO: I say no team support with the puddle because the puddle can be countered by dropping an AOE where the puddle is...thus...negating it completely.

On to the topic at hand: Operative healers are superior because of two simple facts:

1) Being able to heal on the move will always outweigh a healer that has to stop and cast. You can have probe (hot) up on 4 people and you're almost guaranteed to always have a free heal that hits from 1700 to 4k crit ready to go, while you're moving. (the same that Dark heal hits for... but no cast bar) This leads into a whole lot of ways for you to spring free of pesky melee or buys time to LoS the ranged. Depending how well your team is coordinated, operative healers are much, much harder to lock down and kill. (Not to mention the entirely too long stun of Flashbang)

2) The Vanish. A combat and target drop when you're being focused by ranged primarily/melee secondary and have nothing to LoS with is an absolute clutch ability to have. A lot of ranged can be tricked into thinking that the healer either died or ran away. Not to mention that when you vanish if the people targeting you were spam happy they will auto target someone else. Precious seconds of not being shot is enough to get the healer back to full and into the fight again.

BONUS PERKS: Kolto Injection is on a shorter cast time and hits harder then Dark Infusion. Operatives can get their energy back by channeling a heal (even though it's not much, it's still out going healing) and have an instant energy kick back for oh**** moments... Sorcs have to murder themselves for replenishment of force or wait to drop combat. (which operatives can also do by vanishing) Lastly: Flashbang. Depending on trinkets /dots / or AOE on whom you've blinded, you can effectively take them out of the fight for 8 seconds. That's a lifetime to top yourself and someone else off.

EDIT* I also wanted to add that I'm really hoping that the "class balance" that was spoken of for Makeb takes a serious look at the issues in the Sorc Class Feedback thread. I'm both excited, terrified and ready to be let down by the Bioware Development Team, but here's to being optimistic?