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You have no idea what you are talking about. Crit rating is on its on curve, not just crit.

Heal sorc can easily get 40% crit since it boost force crit by 5% through talent.

Aim for the 300-350, not some % that is heavily influenced by spec.
sorry my post was confusing for you, I know CR has it's own curve, my point is there is no reason to hit that dr peak on CR because from willpower you will have more than enough Crit % and by micromanaging your crit rating to highest possible before DR you are actually wasting slots because any good sorc healer will tell you they pretty much have force bending proc on permanently which remove the need to have maxed CR somewhat.

Like I said out of 10 casts you'll probably crit your DI 1 extra time than me, so congrats on that, too bad your amount healed will blow cuz u wasted all those slots for crit over power.