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So I'm curious what you guys think would be the ideal RWZ composition, I'll post mine as well:

Bubble Sorc (madness on voidstar offense if they are going to be low on dps)
Op Healer
Sin Tank
Jugg Tank ( smash on voidstar offense)
2 PT's
Mara (Carnage on Nova coast, CW, and Huttball)
Sniper (switching between hybrid and full lethality based on map)

I'm not sure about the Carnage on Nova Coast, but I feel it would give the team a huge advantage in transitions, making it easier to take their node and stop them from getting to your node. I like having the 2 PT's because their single target burst is so bonkers, if you could cc one of the healers and lay down double PT burst on one person I don't see how they could survive unless the jugg already had guard on the target (but if he did you obviously wouldn't set up that burst on that target).
Thoughts? Also what would be your ideal comp?
8 lolsmash juggs. I'd actually like to see a video of this attempted, with people focussing targets down and repeatedly one-shotting the other team.
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