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So in terms of mechanics, there are already a lot of good ideas here (see: Kitru). For example, I've often thought that the Infernal Council should be part of the Soa fight, rather than a separate loot piñata. Run backs and load screens are a really annoying issue with current content, particularly for Firebrand & Stormcaller and Kephess in NiM EC. Endless trash pulls are also super annoying, but I think TfB did a really good job here, so I'll assume Bioware has already learned this point.

In general, I think Bioware has been doing an excellent job with encounters designed post-launch. KP was still slightly shaky, but all evidence suggests it was designed prior to launch and pushed back for scheduling reasons. EC and Lost Island were a home run, and TfB was a more than ample encore (provided the last boss is ever fixed). I never thought I'd say this, but I actually have some faith in Bioware's ability to design an engaging and balanced encounter. I would like to see them pay closer attention to how some mechanics interact with certain specs (e.g. TfB Kephess and shadow/assassin tanks, or the Data Cores and any-aoe-spec-ever), but these are livable issues.

Oh, I will say that I still believe pre-nerf HM Mentor is a fantastic boss, and easily the best launch boss (including operations). I always thought D7 would have made a much better operation than flashpoint.

Here's what I think the most important things are, in order:
  • Releasing more content at a steady clip. I *cannot* emphasize this one enough. As of right now, the serious progression raiders are maxed on gear and are feeling pretty comfortable about farming anything short of 16 man NiM EC. I'll give it exactly a month before we start seeing the player base bleeding away again if Bioware doesn't release a new raid or difficulty mode before that time.
  • New Flashpoints. I may not be a "take vacation time to raid 18 hours a day" progression raider, but I'm fairly serious and in a fairly serious group. Despite this fact, I don't want to see *just* 8/16 man raids going forward. I still believe that LI HM is some of the best content in the game. The fact that even radically over-geared groups are under serious threat of wiping *repeatedly* on its bosses is a testament to how well-designed the mechanics are. The rewards are disproportionate, but who cares? We don't spend all our time raiding with an ops group. More 4 man content of this caliber would be *very much* appreciated. If I could get a flashpoint at the challenge level of LI HM but tuned for augmented Dread Guard rather than Tionese gear, I would be *begging* Bioware to take my Cartel Coins.
  • Less "Side Show" Story Themes. With the launch of Makeb, I have very little hope for this one. Did you know that the Dread Guard were the first ops bosses to use a lightsaber? (I don't count the Infernal Council as a real boss) So much for Star Wars… I want to walk into the next operation and be fighting a pitched battle against the Empire. When I walk into the same op on my Imp alts, I want to be fighting the Republic. Same bosses, same mechanics, just reskin everything. Red lightsabers instead of blue/green.
  • Slower Crafter Progression Curve. Right now, everyone is Dread Guard geared. Even people who have never set foot in HM TfB. The fact that crafters were able to cover all possible mods on pretty much every server within just 2 months suggests that things are moving a bit too fast. I also don't like how this incentivizes REing everything, and by extension, pushing all your raiders to grind alts with Cybertech and Artifice. Maybe reducing the RE chance on top-tier mods? Fixing the bug where crafted mods can be RE'd would also help. I'm sure not everyone agrees with this idea, but I'd really like to see top-end raid gear be, I don't know, exclusive to those who've earned it. The problem with this is it would become nearly impossible for even top-tier raiders to acquire enough mods to fix the horrid itemization on Bioware's stock gear sets.

That's my wishlist. Of all of that, I really care most about the first two (especially the first one). I'll leave the mechanics design to Bioware, since they've demonstrated exemplary skill here in recent content.
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