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Are you at 15% during the 3rd, or 4th Jealous Male? If 3rd, then you actually have too much DPS, as I recall the hard enrage will not happen until after the 4th Jealous Male spawns (5:45 into fight). (I'm sure someone will correct me if I am wrong)
If you are close to 15% before the 3rd JM spawns then stop DPS until he is down then go all out on the boss during his soft enrage/spawning champion adds and hope you can keep enough ppl up to finish off the adds.
If you are getting a 4th JM spawn then, yes, there does need to be more DPS.
thanks again for the reply, i think i said it wrong.

We are hitting the hard enreage at 12-15% which usually happens 30 seconds or so after the 4th male (5:15 for male).
Here is how our scenario is playing out. 4th male spawns and boss is at 20% or so (5:15), we get him to 15% while still trying to finish off the male and adds and he enrages with all adds and male still up at 5:45.
Group wipes.

My main question is what strat for male and add downing is most efficient and gives most time on boss?

4 on adds 4 on male? 2 on adds 2 on male?

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