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Im tired of how stuck-up people are during hard-mode flashpoints. worrying about for fast to get through a convo, or about accidentally pulling a few enemies to the group for help. and i get kicked for all these dumb reasons

So what im saying here is, do you agree with this arrogant play-style? or do you think there should be more co-operative-ness (i know thats not a word) in these hard-mode flashpoints?

i can honestly say i'd like to think people are nicer than this but im about to give up on humanity over this
Hold on a sec. Honestly, it sounds like you (without meaning to) put yourself in a bad position that caused the group a lot of grief. Maybe they overreacted, were rude, who knows. I can't tell cause I wasn't there, however, do yourself a favor and run these fps in SM. You'll learn the fps, watching the cutscenes will be more tolerated, and you'll pick up some gear to bolster that hp. THEN move on to HMs.

And please, let your group know you're new and don't know the fps when you start. Most people are decent about showing you how it all goes if you let them know up front.
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