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01.04.2013 , 05:16 PM | #1
I dont honestly know what people think is acceptable behaviour in pvp in this game with regards to exploits but having just witnessed what I have done in the voidstar I was in I would ask the devs to fix the exploit in question.

I've played this game for over a year and I have never seen this before (you may well have done) and ill refrain from naming the player or the guild because I know them.

What happened was he was shooting lightning through the voidstar shields before the very last 2 doors - the ones that have three consoles to open them, interupting people capping. Positioning himself on the ramp in a certain way apparently there is a "gap" in the map in which you can fire/leap through the shields. He was stopping people capping by shooting through the shields and they had no way to stop him.

Personally I consider this sort of thing dodgy and I told him it was bad form. His repsonse was that he will exploit the map until they fix it, and he will use exploits because that's what competitive players do.

Regardless some of you may think this is fair game, its a fault in the map and theres nothing wrong with exploiting the map, but tbh I dont really agree with that at all. But rather than name the player I would rather the devs just fix it please.

Some might call it "competitive" - i would call it incredibly lame. Please fix it.