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His shadow was pwned by a scoundrel and he's still whining about it weeks later, convinced that scrappers must be superpowered for this to have happened.

When merely semi-conscious would seem to be sufficient.

This is his third or fourth thread making imaginary claims about scrappers' abilities. Just enjoy the show would be my advice.
He's actually right about the animation bug? (Working As Intended.) though, it's longer than a 1.5sec knockdown, because 1.5 secs after the knockdown when you're standing back up, you're still unable to use any of your abilities/medpac/etc(guardians can use enraged defense to recover some of their health). And if you use a breaker to try to get out of it, dirty kick, stunned again, get burned down, then after that stun ends, I believe your character starts the animation of trying to get back up Again.

That = Stunlock.

The Assassin spike animation isn't even remotely as effective at stunlocking, just give assassins the same animation where the target slowly stands up over 3 secs so I can get a bunch of mauls/thrashes in and it will be equal. And no, I don't want operatives nerfed.

Okay, nerf operatives.
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