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Our stunlock is basically identical to that of a Sin/Shadow. Our kick has a 30s CD. Their 4s stun has a 50s (or 60s) CD. Spike is a 2s stun with a 30s CD. Shoot First is a 1.5s stun that can only be used from stealth. When you average those out over the course of a fight, Sins/Shadows really have the same stunning capabilities as we do.
Not true, play a shadow/sin. When you spike somebody, they get knocked down, then basically teleport back up and are ready to fight. On an operative/scoundrel, you use shoot first and they're knocked down for 1.5 secs, THEN the animation of them starting to stand back up begins, which is like another 2 seconds. During the animation of them getting back up is when you can pull the most burst. On an assassin/shadow, after you spike someone, they can basically instantly stun you, I know because I've not only done it myself after being spiked as well as having been stunned by others I've spiked immediately after spike. On operatives/scoundrels, shoot first and you're going to have like 3-4 seconds of stun immunity.

So yeah, nerf operatives.
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