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i did not read all 5 pages but here's my 2c...

Communication is key.

- If you are new to an instance (be it you ran SM a lot and it's your first HM, or you've never done the instance at all), you NEED to communicate that to your group. As a player who has done every HM FP at least a dozen times (as tank, healer, and DPS) I have seen it all. But what annoys me is when someone is new and does not inform the group.

- if you are an experienced veteran just there for the comms, do not assume everyone else is like you. Please specify that you would like to do a speed run and space bar through the conversation clips. On the flipside if you REALLY want to watch the clips specify that too. EITHER WAY, majority rules, if the group decides to watch the clips do not spam SPACEBAR NAU, and if the group decides to skip do not slow everyone else down, please space bar. If you cannot abide by the majority, please leave the group or asked to be kicked. It is really annoying when a consensus is supposed to have been reached and the lone dissenter does his own thing out of spite.

Basically, if you are dead set to do FPs a certain way, let your wishes be known. 90% of the time the rest of the group is more than willing to oblige. If the group falls into the 10%, then either accept what the group decides or please leave the group.