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the time it takes to get through that FP on hm is same like doing 5 time KP or EV.
this FP is utter waste of time.. after doing it once and getting useless loot for it.

I went through LI HM about 5 times now with a tank and an healer... each time it's at least one wipe on LR-5 and 2 wipes at least on Dr Lorrik.

This just frustrating quest as it's gets.

even kephess final boss fight on EC was easier then this one.

what's the point?

and worst part is the human factor.. try to explain to people not to walk on the circle as they'll get a DOT... damn someone got it 12 times in one try of Dr L.

utter waste of time.

and gear factor I got mix from columi (2\3 parts) upto campaign gear.
The LR-5 battle is a mechanics and strategy heavy fight.

The DPS MUST be the same. Either both rDPS or both mDPS. If you have 1 of each, the battle gets tougher.

The Tank MUST hold Aggro throughout this fight. There are no exceptions and it makes things harder on everyone else if they don't.

I can't speak to the Ranged Tank, but if you have a Melee Tank, you can do LR-5 one of two ways, depending on your DPS arrangement:

1. The Tank can attempt to hold threat on LR-5 on the center platform while the Ranged DPS nail him from either the left or right sides of the room.

2. The Tank can pull LR-5 around the room while Melee DPS beat him from behind.

In both cases, it is CRITICAL that everyone avoid the Static Balls he drops, because they are deadly. If you see a white reticle under you, get ready to move quickly when it changes color. He tends to target the DPS more than anyone else with this, but towards the end, the Tank may have to move off the center platform IF you chose to stay there and battle him. He has a soft enrage, but it is absolutely critical that you try to eat up as much of his health as possible before he becomes enraged, because then the static balls become a real problem.

It is also CRITICAL that you interrupt Incinerate when LR-5 casts it. 5 stacks of that WILL kill a BH/Campaign geared Tank.

The Tank should also determine early on which of his/her DPS will be generating the most threat and hit them with Guard(I'm speaking to the Guardian Tank here).

The Healer has to be on top of things in this fight. If the Tank falls, everyone dies. They should be as close to the DPS as possible to hit them with AOE heals and close enough to target the Tank when needed.
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