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Short answer: you're right.
That's pretty much it.

Your buddy has to be willfully ignorant to believe what he does: just looking at your character sheet will show you that you've got more mitigation than he does. Hell, according to him, the absorb proc relics are entirely worthless because pretty much all of the proc would be "wasted" on any tank that bothered to use one. It's even funnier because, as a Powertech tank, he's purposefully going with a suboptimal stat allocation (stacking defense when Defense is actually the worst stat for VG/PT tanks to stack).

You're also correct in pointing out that MoX isn't a viable method of determining which tank mitigates more damage explicitly because in every multi-tank fight in the game, the different tanks take different amounts of damage: for the twin tanks, the Firebrand tank takes *way* less damage than the Stormcaller tank; even if you do the tank swap, you'll still have different damage taken because you're almost never going to have the same uptime on both bosses *and* the same amount of time on defensive systems. Pretty much no fight in the entire game has both tanks actually taking the same amount of incoming damage in the same attack ratio, which would be required to actually determine which tank mitigates more damage over the course of a fight. If your buddy is taking less damage, it's pretty much entirely because he's taking the easier portion of the fight and just not having as much damage thrown at him.
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