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Oh, forgot to add this. You admitted that you wiped the group due to you pulling trash that everyone else skipped.
The grouped wiped, because they were not a group. Sorry in a HMFP I want the people that accidentally pulled to run to me. They get to me, they will live and the mob they pulled will die. Someone pulls by accident I am running towards them. They better be hitting defensive cooldowns and running towards me. I do this dps or healer, only difference with my healer I bring up the rear so any inadvertent pull is in front of me, on dps I stick right behind the tank unless someone says they are new, then I will be right in front of them waiting when needed for them to catch up.

Mobs in HM FP are a joke outside a few in LI HM and Koan, so someone pulling one and running up the group is no big deal, provided the group is more interest in killing stuff than typing insult at whoever accidentally pulled.