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I'm seer specced, but I still have a dps rotation, and I play to be as mobile as possible.

The abilities that i used are obvioulsy all the instants, or abilities that don't activate the GCD.
Stun, saber strike, interrupt, force potency, cloud mind, weaken mind, project, bubble, self heal, rejuvenate, force wave, & slow

None of these abilities inflict dps that is an efficient use of force, but most of them can be used to limit incoming dps. It's all about how you kite or LOS while using these skills.

Moving while "saging" requires thinking about what you're going to cast next, & moving whenever you have a chance. You can scoot a good distance during each GCD, especially if you use speed. If you set things up right, you can close the gap on a damaged mob & put it down with saber strike. I dont really look at it as "What do I do while moving?" It's more like, "Do I want to move since I'm about to cast X?" ~or~ "Do I need to add in an instant here, just to reposition?"

Stacking slow, weakenmind, the stun from project or the slow from TK Throw can slow/damage a melee mob to the point that by the time it gets in range it will drop with one saber strike.

****BTW - I wouldn't mind having a free cast basic ranged attack like hammer shot on my sage - but I'd hate to give up Saber Strike to get it. ***
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