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01.04.2013 , 03:25 PM | #43
The one thing I try (not always successfully, but I do try) is to be friendly to other people while in a pug.

I used to be a new player and was terrible during my first attempts at HM FPs. I had the good luck to group with some patient players that helped me out, explained mechanics, game me tips and answered questions. It was this experience that got me out of my "single player" shell in SW:TOR.

Because of these people, I've tried to pay it forward and be kind to others as well.

It seems to me that it has paid off, as most of the pug runs I do generally go well.

Also, I've had many groups where the other players are happy and chatty, do a little RP in the group chat window during the FP and basically have a good time.

@DSpectre I hope you run into some groups like this as you go forwards doing end-game content, because in my personal opinion, it is the most fun you could have in this game.