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If you are hitting an enrage, no matter which fight, it is always a DPS issue. Dummy DPS really doesn't help you here. A full compliment of logs will enable us to help you. But there are a few things I can add that help trouble shoot these issues:

1. Since you are hitting the enrage (5:45) this means you will have time to use Inspiration twice. Are you? In addition, are all 4 DPS in the same group so they all benefit from it?

2. Are all DPS using their adrenals on cooldowns (you'll be able to use them twice)?

3. Are all DPS using their click power relic and personal cooldowns on cooldown?

4. Is the non-active tank (once male is down, back on boss) focusing on DPS (stim switch if biochem, stance change)?

5. Are the DPS only giving the tank a couple second lead? I know some groups give upwards of 5-7 seconds, and that's too much of a DPS loss.

Once again, logs will help more than anything else. But it defiinately sounds like you have a significant DPS issue.
6. Are you wasting as little time possible on the small adds? (aka letting your good AoE classes kill them)
BH - Explosive Dart -> Death From Above -> go kill Jealous Male
Sorc - Force Storm 'till they die (+ procced Chain Lightning or Death Field) -> JM
Sin - (Death Field ->) JM
Agent - Orbital Strike (-> Plasma Probe) -> JM
Warrior -> JM

Healers could use a single AoE as well if they can afford it and your group has almost no AoE DPS.