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Anger and fear aren't tne end emotions of the Sith.

The Sith fear most of all, losing their power either through defeat or death. Fear of anything heightens the survival instinct and gives you the requirement to dominate all instances of your life, your rivals etc.

Anger The Sith don't really subscribe to Berzerker type of rage where they lash out at everything. The Sith know that anger on its own is a negative emotion, but negative emotions like fear and anger allow you to draw on the dark siide of the force. A calm Sith is a worthless Sith. Being calm is equivalent to being at peace with your situation or circumstances. Anger and Rage allow you to lash out at your cage and destroy it,

"I can feel your anger, it gives you focus and makes you stronger" Darth Sideous to Skywalker.

Sideous and Reven and Bane however knew that those base emotions had to an extent be controlled and unleashed at the time when you needed that power instead of just constantly being angry and afraid. You had to use those emotions in pursuit of a nobler goal whether it was the aquisition or power, or control or revenge.

Also remember that Darth Plageous stated that first you need to gain control over yourself, then another person, then a group then a planet then a galaxy.

But the first step was getting control of yourself.

The Sith are not all blind rage enduced killers, the really successful ones, know when to use fear, and when it is to their benefits to slaugher and kill.

Darth Bane even told his apprentice Darth Zannah that as a Sith you don't kill for killings sake that makes you a monster, you kill when it benefits you and helps you reach your goals.

But a calm Sith is pretty well going to be dead meat against a Sith that fears losing his power and death and is angry at his situation because those Sith can draw on the full power of the Dark Side of the forth.

A calm Sith can probably throw enough force lightning to light a cigar.