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I have an debate going with another PowerTech tank in my guild who seems to get a little upset when I contradict him when people ask for tanking stat advice. I have been pretty much living by the tanking spreadsheet and tanking thread listed here:

Everytime I give someone advice he keeps telling me that the Caps for tanking are 500 across the board (Defense, Absorb, and Shield). I've heard this same comment from other people on my server in general chat. He claims that once you get 500 in each stat you should stop worried about defensive stats and start building Endurance, Accuracy to 95% and Power. This seems contradictory to what I've been following and what the spreadsheet seems to say.

We are both in Campaign level gear and Here are our stats:

Armor: 8719
Defense: 384
Shield: 606
Absorb: 546
Health: 24800

Armor: 8719
Defense: 500
Shield: 500
Absorb: 400
Health: 27100

Obviously he has 95% accuracy where as I have the base 90%, and he's also got higher crit and power than me due to starting to take those stats after he reached his "cap". His health is also higher than me due to him sticking with the B mods and me prioritizing the non-lettered versions (lower Endurance than 26B for example).

According to the tanking spreadsheet, he takes almost 5% more damage than me (although he touts thats not true according to MoX Parser in our raids). I told him you can't go by MoX Parser unless it's the two tanks tanking the exact same boss, for the same amount of time, during the exact same phases of the fight....and even then there is still RNG to content with.

Of course he gets upset with me and says that I guess "he knows nothing even though he's been playing longer than me and that I'm the all knowning spreadsheet genious". Now to me, this just sounds like someone who doesn't take being wrong all that well and throws a tantrum.

But can someone tell me if I'm in the wrong here? The problem is he has been the main tank for the guild I'm in for a lot longer than I have and I know that his buddies will side with him over me even if I'm right. I'm just trying to get validation that I'm working the stats right and that the 2.1 version of the spreadsheet isn't outdated or anything and giving me false information. Knowing I'm right and he's wrong will be validation enough and I'll keep doing things my way and trying to help anyone who will listen out while letting him do his thing.


FYI: Neither one of us has any problems holding aggro off of DPSers that go all out from the other than him doing a little more DPS then me, the offensive stats doesn't make him hold aggro while I can't.