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After the swtor-spy guide on 26/12/2012 i have
Persons Of Note 42/46 (warrior)

Alderan - Bouris Ulgo
Belsavis - HK 51
Hutta - Nem'ro hutt
Nar shadda - Halidrell Setsyn (Warrior) 100% bugged
Voss - Jokull

Lore about denova codex? how to?

do you have any info about these codex?
About PVP 24/26
Your persons of note looks accurate for a Sith Warrior.

The Denova codex I think you are referring to is a minecart halfway through the cave after Toth and Zorn.

I see now, thanks to your ss, which PvP codex I am missing, leaving us with only 2 bugged.