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Here here!!!!! Biggest pet peave of mine in any heriocs/fp's/ops. I think most dps should start off as healer or tank to really know how much of a difference it is to kill adds first.

My tank once got called worse tank in game, because, dps decided to attack the gold i started on, which left the 3 nons, 2 silvers attacking the healer. I left gold, took agro off the healer, both dps died, healer and I lived, we got that fight. Hence, i'm worse tank in game.

Some people don't want to learn, or, listen to other people that may know better. I leave groups now after fast wipes.
Exaclty, there should be some kind of training that people have to read before they are allowed in HM FP's. I have four tanks, Two DPS and one Seer Sage healer. I have seen them all and understand the role they should be doing Still I see DPS that want to play tank all the time. DPS is so much easier then the other two classes. There are few rules.

1:. Kill adds first, weak to strong. then help Tank. More adds appear, attack them.
2. If you see adds attacking healer, get them. Do not wait for the tank to drop aggro off the champ to pull them off the healer. That is your job.