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01.04.2013 , 01:00 PM | #42
thing is anyone is fully capable of taking some initiative and learning the basics of the fight /fp before ever stepping foot in it, if u feel u need the help.

people telling you to do SM fp's are morons, no one runs SM FP's for anything above red reaper, cept maybe FE for the hk piece

BUT there are plenty of videos out there and walkthrough's that will give u a basic understanding of the fights so you are better prepared going into it.

your experience you posted is meh I guess, personally I wouldnt of vote kicked u for agro'ing mob packs, but I do think you're the one being inconsiderate and selfish by complaining that people are getting mad at you for not skipping the cutscenes. Most people have done the FP's so many times they can probably recite all the conversations verbatim, I know I can.