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And when a Jedi like Exar Kun wanted to explore the dark side, the Jedi... simply let him do. Even if it meant a pretty destructive war. Throughout history, the Jedi Order was sometimes allowed more and sometimes allowed less than the Je'daii.

The Jedi did not allowed Exar Kun to explore and follow the dark side of the force, they allowed him to go on a personal quest to explore the galaxy and its secretes, not exactly the same thing..

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But as I said, many more Je'daii fell to the dark side and had to be exiled than Jedi did. Experimenting with the dark side is dangerous.
btw don't mix things and brake into bad founded-conclutions, for 10k years there was balance, it was not the darksiders who broke from the order and created one of their own, and decided to purge the lightsiders.....

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Where is your primary source for this? I have heard what those guys said in the game. They weren't radicals. Read up what Wookiepedia says about them, if you trust it more:

Garon Jard
Cala Brin
Ters Sendon

The light siders first abandoned the balance, but why? Because they wanted to help reaching peace and justice in the galaxy.

And Rajivari was a great philosopher who observed the nature and people and came to the conclusion that it is better for the Jedi Order the, well "become evil". He wouldn't phrase it like that, of course. But he believed that life is a constant battle, mercy lead only to destruction and self-sacrifice was foolish. He is a very interesting person, and I can actually understand why he considered the dark side superior. But you can't make him a missunderstood good guy.
My source: .

Are u saying that they(Jedi) did not abandoned balance? that they did not agreed on the thinking that the light side was stronger and that it was their duty to destroy the dark side, as they considered it evil?

sorry but those thinkings sound pretty radical to me..... if they don't to u, what u call radical then?

U can keep saying why they abandoned the balance and that it was for a greater good, it still doesn't changes the fact that they refused balance, refused to co-exist with the dark side of the force..... if u keep ignoring it, then ur basically claiming that: "the the end justifies the means".... then we can say the Sith are ultimately good, since they want peace and prosperity in a galaxy ruled by them.... or does "the the end justifies the means" only aplies to the Jedi? If the Empire kills millions of innocents,then they're evil, but if the Republic does the same, its justify cos it was in the name of a Greater GOOD? pls..... the why dosent changes the what....


about wookkipedia, even if the source is missing(sadly i duno why that was the case), i entrust myself to what ever wookkipedia says any day at anytime, rather that what an in-game codex says....

back to the Mass Effect example, the Original in-game ending of Mass Effect 3 contradicted many of what was Common Canon Lore, and well i think we all know all around that Retake Mass Effect movement..... Proving once more that what we see in-game is many times wrong or contradictory to what is cannon... in-game codexs and even less in-game dialogs, cant be trusted 100%....
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