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Maybe its just me... not sure why people hate the space battles so much, I love doing them, don't get me wrong, yeah it could be better and some of the missions suck royal donkey. But I have enjoyed them all, and repeat them many of times every day. The only real complaint I have on the current space battles is that they are only a single ship and you cant have your friends help, since everyone has the same space missions.... never made since to me why on an MMO there is something that is a single person only mission. But other then that... never had an issue with the space battles.

Comparing this game with the other star wars games is kind of lame.... since they are two different games and different times of generation. Its something new and be worked on as time goes on.
It is not just you, I am of the same opinion. While I loved the entire X-wing series, I knew going in that there was NO WAY IN HELL they could implement that style of play into a themepark MMO. So my expectations were less than "normal". Add to that the fact that I enjoyed the "rogue squadron" game which is an "on-rails" space combat game.

When I started playing I did all the space combat missions every day. Now I do them when I feel like it. The space combat is just another "ride" in the themepark; if you do not enjoy it there is no one holding a gun to your head saying you have to do it. I am not saying those who are requesting more should stop, just don't expect miracles over night.