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Yes, people exaggerate here big time. It's human nature to remember the negative exception more vividly than the positive norm. It IS true, however, that when a pug is bad it's really bad. You can usually muddle through one weak link, but when there's 2 or more and/or they're fighting amongst themselves. (I've seen a healer or tank start fighting with one of the other members more than a few times and it all goes downhill from there). Still, I can probably count the number of times since GF launch that I've had a PUG fall apart and fail to finish the FP without taking my shoes off.

Instead by a HUGE margin I've found the group finder & daily PUGs to be almost comically effective in crushing this "hard mode" content. Most of the time on my healer I'm not even throwing out my big heals - just AoE and HOTs while adding my own piddly little DPS to the mix because the tank & DPS just aren't taking damage before stuff gets burned down.

All bets are off at low levels, though. You never know how new your groupmates are to the game and/or their class/role then. But I don't group much while leveling anyway.
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