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So this is a bit of a rant:


Today i spent a total of 5 hours waiting for flashpoint groups to join and do hard mode stuff.

I managed to get into 9 Flashpoint groups and it seems to me i find the few people that should not play games.

they are:
A: inconsiderate
B: Ignorant
C: Uncooperative
D: Whiny

Now i will describe one story which drew the line for me:

I joined a flashpoint group which seemed to be going pretty smooth, but no one seemed to talk and i just got a feeling of awkwardness and tension.

they skipped by alot of enemies without telling me which threw me off a bit because ive always tackled every enemy in the way. but it didnt matter much because i was far enough back to react to this. I got caught up on a cliff and they just kept going. Now isnt it common courtesy to help group-mates out?

so after getting un-stuck, i rushed to catch up, and i managed to accidently cause an attack on myself and i ran towards my group for help. a person in the group right away said "dont run towards us" now... isnt the whole point of a team effort to help each-other out? so i decided to dis-regard what they were saying and run towards them for help.

to shorten, we ended up dying and respawning back to the start. not too far from where we died. two group mates immediately trashed my actions saying "they should force people to play these before doing hardmode". that irked me a bit and i felt bad. another thing that ticked me off, is that no matter what, i like to enjoy the convo-cinematics and i will listen to the characters talk. during this, one anxious groupmate kept spamming "SPACEBAR! HIT THE F****** SPACEBAR!". And after the convo said "they should just remove story stuff from hard mode... saves on time to rush through". pretty ignorant and self-serving, huh?

and to finish, i accidentally pulled 3-4 very easy (like 3000 hp) droids over and got yelled at for pulling enemies to them because i needed help. then after that fight, i was voted to be kicked out.

So since i hit 50 for the first time yesterday, i have attempted to do hard mode flashpoints and never completed one because i keep finding these types of people who are insanely competitive. i have gotten kicked every single time because of things i have no control over. and so what if i want to listen to a convo? im interested and the people can wait like one minute. not that bad.


Im tired of how stuck-up people are during hard-mode flashpoints. worrying about for fast to get through a convo, or about accidentally pulling a few enemies to the group for help. and i get kicked for all these dumb reasons

So what im saying here is, do you agree with this arrogant play-style? or do you think there should be more co-operative-ness (i know thats not a word) in these hard-mode flashpoints?

i can honestly say i'd like to think people are nicer than this but im about to give up on humanity over this
I admit I myself am getting unreasonably angry when people make pulls by mistake. I try to control myself and not lash out for the first few mistakes but after a while it really gets to you. Any player in the group should learn to follow the tank, attack weakest first, do not break cc's and if the mentioned run is speed should not pull unnecessary mobs or bosses. The worst part is those who tell you that they know encounters but have no clue whatsoever about them. I have had players refuse to use their knockbacks in Darth Malgus because it's a "cheap tactic" and that the intended play should be to knock him back by only using bombs. It can drive you insane. If someone wants to kill X boss, kill bonus boss or watch the story just saying that you want to do as such up front does wonders. I don't mind those that don't skip conversations except in Esseles where they are overused and really makes a big difference. I also don't think it's your fault at all that you got stuck, it happens every so often and I totally sympathize with you on that if someone accidentally pulled a mob heck, 10 mobs, due to being stuck and we wiped I wouldn't mind at all, **** happens. It is refusal to cooperate, refusal to learn and refusal to communicate that ruins flashpoint experience for me.
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