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Since I can solo dps every single FP boss in this game; we don't have to worry about dps ruining runs for us. Far and away the most common thing we run into is crappy *** healers who have zero clue what to do.
Really? If you have the gear you say you do and are as great as you are implying you are, then you should be able to do these HM FP without a healer. I have done 5 hm fp with 4 dps and no tank or healer when one guild member wanted his speeder achievement for a alt.

My main is one of these crappy *** healers, I have healed HM TfB and into NiM EC with no problems, but if the tank and dps don't know how to use defensive cooldown, get out of AOEs, interupt or dps knowing kill order or aggro dumps, then let them die. I have healed many HM FP with 13K HP tanks and I would rather do that with someone that is willing to listen and learn than a overgeared tank or dps that really has no clue how to play in groups. I would rather have a 800 dps, than a 2000 dps that has no clue of how to use cooldowns or any game awareness.