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01.04.2013 , 10:29 AM | #31
When I see most of the suggestions made here, I guess the game is not so badly balanced after all. Everyone wants their class buffed. It's obvious that OP is a tank, Eszi is a dot mara/sent, and Tony is a troll.

The only specs that needs slight buffs are Lightning/TK Sorcs/Sage, Arsenal/Gunnery Mercs/Commandos, and arguably Shien Form Juggs/Gardians (I don't play any of those classes for endgame). And for the two first specs, no it doesn't involve more damage or immunity to interrupts so you can turret-style WZs and play it like PVE, but instead something to give them a tad more mobility or escape. I like the idea of instant LS/disturbance if specced, and instant mezz if specced for Arsenal/Gunnery