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I feel like I'm watching BSG whenever I read one of these's been done before and it will be done again. Welcome to 10 months ago.
I wasn't aware that this boss had been 3 manned before. I'd love to see a video if you have one. I'm *very* certain that this wouldn't have been possible 10 months ago. Unaugmented Rakata just doesn't allow for the DPS required to beat the enrage timer. To the best of my knowledge, it's impossible to top 2k DPS in just Rakata gear, and we found that even 2.1k wasn't sufficient (since the second DPS is unable to get much higher than 1.2k due to the carbonizers). Optimized Campaign gear seems doable though, especially with a few augment slots, so maybe *8* months ago.

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That was awesome healing you did there
Thank you! :-) It was a lot of fun to heal something so tight that missing a single GCD wipes the raid (this happened to us several times due to server lag).

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Nice, has anyone four manned Toth and Zorn?
I haven't seen it yet. It seems possible, but immensely difficult. You'd need a vanguard or guardian DPS so as to pull the bosses apart, as well as a very strong single-target healer. Three manning also seems doable with two taunting DPS (not a shadow), but it would be super-tight.
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