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Let me see if I can throw in some actual help, rather than suggesting that you just replace/monitor your DPS players.....

There is a way you can push the boss progression with lower than average DPS.

Pull the boss and track the debuff stacks on the tank. As soon as the tank has 2 stacks, have your other tank taunt the boss and carry on, mostly as normal. Then get your ranged DPS to kill the two small adds that spawn.

Then, when the 1st Jealous Male spawns... ignore the red circle and have the ranged DPS kill the Jealous. Melee DPS can stay on the boss. DON'T do a tank swap.

You'll need to be ready for the 2nd red circle. The timing is tight for it. You'll need to have someone ready to step in the red circle furthest away from the boss at that point, if that one is picked. There will be more small adds than normal, but AoE'ing them down once they reach the red circle should be easy enough as long as you've got 2+ ranged DPS.

After that, the fight continues as normal.

You'll be swapping time DPSing the adds for time DPSing the boss. That should give you the boost you need to kill the boss on schedule.

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While that might help them squeak by this fight, they'll still be hitting a wall on everything after (if its an enrage/not enough DPS issue). So unless you want to just be doing this one fight every week for a single piece of Hazmat gear, I would agree with others in their suggestion that your DPS either look into how to play their class better, or be replaced by better DPS.

That is, if its an enrage issue, which it might not be.