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One of the things I've NEVER understood about tanking in this game is why in a game that's so trash pack/group heavy that they purposely don't give you your group taunt until mid to late game. It's like they purposely want to irritate tanks as they level, or discourage them from doing the low level FPs because their AoE threat ability is limited until mid-game.

But as Kitru said, if it's off CD open up with mortar volley on trash packs. The damage will give you a nice threat lead since a number of the DPS don't have their big AOEs yet.

A trick the VG tank in my guild told me awhile back is to use I think it's explosive surge, (whichever ability is the point blank aoe stun/root) then step back a couple steps and use Ion Pulse so you hit everyone. It's a little resource heavy at lower level but it should help give you the AoE threat you need. Plus it's a good habit to get into as it's something you are going to be going routinely as you level up more.

Lastly, is harpoon use. As someone said and this is vitally important, harpoon is not generally a tool to initiate a pull with it's for repositioning ranged mobs. Say there are 5 mobs in a trash pack, 3 in 1 group and 2 in another. When you pull that group, charge the 3, ST taunt one of the ones in the other group, and harpoon the other. So now you have them grouped up 4 and 1. And if you communicate pre-pull you have them focus fire your taunted target, which will probably be almost or totally dead by the time the taunt wears off, but in the mean time you've now had a few seconds to get the otehr 4 positioned and to get a threat lead on the DPS before they rain tasty AoE destruction down upon the remaining 4 mobs.
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