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How do I get 5 stacks of shockwave again?? I want 5 stacks!!
Well. I would really like to give you that (provided you will need those 5 to get the same amount of crit damage as you currently do with 4)

Tinkering with the amount of stacks needed for full effect might be a great way to down-tune Rage/Focus.

It's funny though that people pounce on the only factual error he made.

As long as smash spec rules supreme, I'll be rolling blind bubbles. There's a number of ways to counter smash.

1) roll a bubblehealer
2) roll a sniper/slinger
3) roll a pt/vg
4) roll a stealther
5) get in a premade with good pvpers
6) roll a smasher yourself (can't beat 'em? Join 'em!)

Alot of people complained that bubblespam was/is OP, when 1.4 hit, and should be changed, I agree to a degree (don't hit my sage too hard with the nerfbat again pls)
Quite a few people are complaining rage/focus is over the top and OP, I agree to a degree (Remember pre 1.2 sage/sorc AoE instaproc hybrids and double-proc healers, we took way too big a hit on our nerfs, I don't wish the same for other classes.)

Quote: Originally Posted by Yeochins View Post
Many people think smash is over-tuned. People arguing otherwise enjoy holding their crutch and are pointless to argue against. Where did smash go wrong? Well lets analyze some of the aspects of smash.

--- snip--- (see OP for details.)
So what is the issue with smash?
The OP presents a summary of the package offered by the focus/rage spec, furthermore he aknowledges the fact that it is offered in a shared tree making it available for one QUARTER of the total amount of classes in the game.

The issue is through his presentation quite self-evident if one has an ounce of reading comprehension.

--> The pure amount of people able to almost instantly be able to play the spec plus the inherent substantial benefit you get from playing it AND stacking it in warzones makes it overrepresented, overused and quite too effective to allow for an enjoyable warzone experience for people NOT playing the knight/sith warrior base class
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