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i have been thinking lately, and a way of removing( partially) the feeling of being a demi-god responsable for the destruction or salvation of the galaxy, should be the inclusion of more Heroics/Area/Groups oriented quest.

Am not just talking about the need of being in a larger group to kill some enemies because they are "champions" or "elite", but also the inclusion of more puzzle-like missions, where teamwork is necessary to open doors, etc

examples of this is the Section X, Heroic 4 ,quest... where in order to advance is a must having 4 people, to open the doors and interact with the computers, the 10+ Datacron on the fleets, and a few other examples.....

Also i have to point out the HK-Series first mission, where u have to board the abandon ship(even if u can pretty much Solo this one, it still feels more alive in a team of at least 2 people) also about this mission i have to say i loved it, that one and the the Kaon under Siege Flashpoint, are by far my favorites, full of mystery and definetly something very diferent from the other generic quest we have in game...
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