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4) This is thread is great for fresh 50's but what about geared 50's? The guys who are doing this to buy hazmaat implants- since the 300+ black hole coms a piece, we are grinding this for the 100th time for the coms.
Doing it 100 times doesn't entitle anyone to skip every boss in the flashpoint, I know I'm no angel myself when I say this as I've skipped a few bosses just for smooth runs or to avoid arguments myself but there's a fine line between avoiding a few mobs and exploiting the game entirely.

I was shocked the other week when I actually saw someone just run up the ramp and talk to the NPC as even if I skipped the odd miniboss or mob but I've always done the main boss in a flashpoint and found it disgusting that someone could just skip to the end like that, this sort of behaviour is nothing short of exploiting and in other games you'd be looking at a ban for glitching/cheating rather than the rewards.
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Thats no moon... thats a CARTEL COIN!