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1. If you are interested in how the light side-dark side conflict started, I really suggest you play Consular up to the point where you get your lightsaber.

2. Yes, I seriously take a game, which is canon, over a site everyone can edit. Actually, I have read Dawn of the Jedi comics Wookiepedia points out as source. I couldn't find what Wookiepedia says there.
i disagree with u there, wookkipedia is a place where all sources are taken into consideration; it is by far the most canon source of information out there(at least when we compare it to any of the other sources that are avanibles to everyone), wookkipedia is definetly muchmore of a truth-worthy source than the game, wich as i said is full of mistakes and contradictions in its codex....

take as a not related to starwars example, the last novel of Mass Effect(the first edition of it)... would u consider it cannon just becouse it was released by Bioware? if u do... LOL... cos it had so many plot holes and contradictions with what was suposed to be cannon that they had to apologise and release several editions of it in order to correct things....

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Yeah, balance is possible if you stay on your planet and don't interfere with the rest of the galaxy. Also, you have to exile everyone who gets to dark ans also everyone who gets too light. Imprison them on the moons of Tython and until they are balanced again or die.

The Je'daii Order was far stricter with people who wanted to explore the dark side or the light side than the Jedi were.
well yes and no about being stricter, u could still learn partially both sides of the force.... thats what balance is about, been something in between, not completly dark, neither completly light, but u could still follow any of the paths.... and yes, if they decided to embrace all light or all dark they were sended to a moon, they were not killed, or considered traitors or deserters.... they could either stay on the moon following their ideas or embrace balance once more..... to me this seems more reasonable that just rejecting the dark side teachings or the light side teachings all-together like the now-days jedi and sith do...

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The Force Wars were not the First Great Schism and also not the Second Great Schism. Each of these had different reasons.

And, as I already said, this "enamored by the light side of the Force" meant, they acutally said: "Hey, lets make the galaxy a better place."
enamored by the force = they became radicals, renouncing to the teachings of peace and balance.... embracing only light and condeeming evil as something that they had to destroy...

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By the way, this is also on Wookiepedia:

Principles of Rajivari

"Master Rajivari, one of the founding members of the Jedi Order, believed that the Jedi should use their knowledge of the Force to conquer and rule the galaxy, helping govern the countless star systems with the guidance of the Force. When this idea was rejected by the first Jedi High Council, Master Rajivari resigned from the body and set out to destroy the Order he had created, believing that the High Council was settling for mediocrity instead of greatness."
how to put this:
by that time, those light followers were already Jedi = they were radicals already who left the Je'daii order and teachings, they were decided to only follow light and destroy dark;
Rejivari was one of those first Jedi at the beginning, but then renounced light and united the dark followers under his banner; now, take into consideration that those darksiders were not nesesary seeking the destruction of the Jedi at first, they reunited under a banner, cos the Jedi had taken the task of destroying them... while Rejivari was still on the Jedi side, those darksiders were still following their own path..... remember it was the light siders who first abandoned the idea of balance, not the "power greedy"(as most people consider them) darksiders... what an irony no?
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