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01.04.2013 , 08:07 AM | #38
On Balmorra the Bestiary codex entry: Mutated Colicoid is obtained through the SI class quest. But apparently it's still obtainable another way by doing this:

For non-Inquisitor classes:
Start at X: 1335; Y: 198, facing southwest, just behind one of the satellite towers. Run up the small path, make a few jumps on the rocks, and you’ll end up on a grassy knoll. Run up to the top and jump into the small wedge. Jump up and you’ll see a drop onto the area where the Inquisitor class phase ends. Coords on this rock are X: 1174; Y: 238.

I can't even get up to the Grassy Knoll the rocks don't let me jump any further. Has anyone had any success in doing this?