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I meant in your last two paragraphs.

Also Malgus was in SWTOR so he would be more popular here any way.

Also what's with the point score what does that mean?

Or is this like QI?
Well I normally only use the points system for really close matches, but someone requested a score for the first debate so I just thought I'd do it for all of them. The point system basically tots up all the arguments made by either side, and the better they are the more points they get. G0-T0 won this one because Warren Stride bombarded the argument with a dozen different ways to kill Tyber Zann, and another couple of dozen as to how he would undermine his power base. Course there are other factors as well i.e. how smart the opponent is, connections, personal strength etc. Really its just a sure fire way of deciding a victor without be overlooking points (cause there are often tons) or having a personal bias. But there's no point anymore (pun not intended) because you've uncovered my evil plan!

But anyway, back to the debate. Who's gonna win this?