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01.04.2013 , 07:39 AM | #7
Woah! Malgus gets HK? He's a difference maker.

Anyhow: I love Malgus. I really do. But I feel that Xizor is just gonna have so much bribing and underworld power that this battle is gonna be something that Malgus ain't good at. Malgus isn't gonna be able to send in his army because:
A he doesn't know where Xizor is (I think?)
B Xizor's 'army' will simply run from a fight will they not? He's not going to engage Maglus in a full-on battle (at least not until he's foun some legit advantage)

I think that Malgus's ONLY hope in this battle is to assassinate Xizor. He'd have to use HK, a strike team (he's good at organizing strike teams), himself, or all of the above. Basically, if he can't assassinate Xizor, then he loses.